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Campaign impact for our industry matters now more than ever. As the Referendum approaches, see how we are creating preference and driving engagement and purchase intent. To watch our State of the Campaign video, view our State of the Campaign flip book, or to find out more about us, click here.


Newsletter: September 2020

September 2020 Newsletter
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Continuance Referendum
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What’s New

Battling Digital Overload, Over Half of US Remote Workers Report Increased Reliance on Analog Tools
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New Film Shines Light on the US Paper and Packaging Industry’s Legacy of Innovation and Environmental Stewardship
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The industry’s commitment to sustainability and innovation is made possible by the Paper Makers. Hear their stories and how their passion fuels their work in the industry.


Stories That Grab Headlines and Results That Stack Up

No one speaks louder for our industry like the Paper and Packaging – How Life Unfolds® consumer campaign. And it hasn’t happened by chance. Today’s impressive numbers are the result of rigorous research, a smart strategy and careful audience…

Letters From Quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic has forced hundreds of millions of people around the globe to keep their distance for months on end…

Paper & Packaging — How Life Unfolds®

About the Campaign

At work or at home, when it matters, we turn to paper and packaging. Our campaign brings this to life through robust content, social outreach, TV, print and digital advertising designed to reach the right audiences. is a hit!

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