Industry Leaders Reflect on Campaign's Progress

Driving Impact

This October, 47 paper manufacturers and importers supporting the industry’s national consumer marketing campaign will evaluate the impact of its sustainability campaign on consumer and customer audiences and the continued importance of telling this story. Consumers remain concerned about the size of forests and need continued education and reminders about recycling and how to do it properly. Additionally, customers and consumers alike are looking for alternatives to plastics and are starting to see the paper industry as a source of sustainable innovation. 

Visit our referendum page to hear from industry leaders about their passion for continuing this important consumer conversation.


The Paper & Packaging Board launched a new integrated campaign that asks consumers to live a papertarian lifestyle. Papertarians are people who make small choices every day, knowing they have a big impact on the environment. From choosing products made of paper and packaging to practicing proper recycling, there are endless opportunities to be a papertarian.

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Together, we have the opportunity to give the fibers in our boxes up to 7 lives. Join the Box to Nature Program now! 


The State of Our Campaign and Shared Future

Through economic ups and downs, the consumer campaign provides a steady drumbeat of information and education about our sustainability practices, recycling advancements and product innovations that advance the reputation of our industry and…

Paper and Packaging Board’s How Life Unfolds® campaign

About the Campaign

At work or at home, when sustainability matters, we turn to paper and packaging. Our campaign brings this to life through robust content, social outreach, TV, print and digital advertising designed to reach the right audiences.
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