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Newsletter: March 2020

March 2020 Newsletter
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Global Recycling Day
Sounds of Paper
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The Paper and Packaging Board Seeks Nominations for 2021 Board
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Printable Pages for Productivity and Learning
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Pop in your headphones and take a listen to the Sounds of Paper. Brought to you by the paper and packaging you work with every day. 


Packaging, Public Health, and “Single Use”

As our office, schools and churches shut down for what may be a prolonged period to prevent further outbreaks, I have been thinking about the term “single use” relative to packaging and containers.

Can Paper Save the Republic?

While self-government is a concept with a long history stretching back to the Greeks of classical antiquity, the mechanics…

Enjoy your to-go cup of joe

We recently conducted a new consumer research survey around a full spectrum of environmental questions, including questions…

Why We Still Buy TV

The fall TV season has come and gone. And once again the advertising and business press are all talking about further…

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