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In July, the Paper and Packaging Board debuted new creative work and an accompanying microsite that truly sets our sustainability-focused campaign apart. We didn’t have to look further than our forests for inspiration on how to tell the magical, circular story of forest products, and to appeal to our Expressives target audience. Featuring consumer-tested messaging that speaks to our industry’s commitment to sustainable practices, the recyclability of our products and innovations that put the planet first, the new work will take flight on air, screen and printed page. To see the video and print that has just launched, and to learn more about this new initiative, go to

2021 State of the Campaign

This summer, the Paper and Packaging Board presented our seventh Annual State of the Campaign in the form of four industry-wide webinars and the mailing of our official report. If you missed the webinars, the recording is available so you can hear P+PB president, Mary Anne Hansan, discuss our 2021 messaging strategy, an exciting new sustainability initiative, and hardworking content from the beginning of the year. The 2021 report has also been mailed out to more than 700 industry representatives from our member companies, paper merchants, and trade association partners. Read a digital version of the report now.

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Newsletter: October 2021

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What’s New

New Survey Reveals Gaps in Consumer Recycling Behavior and Knowledge
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New Sustainability Initiative from the Paper and Packaging Board Emphasizes Recycling and Healthy Forests
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Choosing paper products helps plant more trees, protect wildlife habitats and reduce waste through recycling. 


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At work or at home, when sustainability matters, we turn to paper and packaging. Our campaign brings this to life through robust content, social outreach, TV, print and digital advertising designed to reach the right audiences. is a hit!
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