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The Paper and Packaging Board promotes the use of paper products and paper-based packaging by highlighting how their sustainable nature and the industry’s practices help contribute to a healthier planet. Forty-six U.S. manufacturers and importers collectively fund the national marketing campaign.

Across print, television and social media, the national marketing campaign places paper and packaging as a planet-friendly choice that helps create a healthier planet. See how at

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We have heart for trees.

The Paper & Packaging Board’s How Life Unfolds® campaign focuses on the industry’s unrivaled sustainability story. Consumers want to make choices they believe are more planet-friendly and reduce waste. This emphasis on sustainability will improve consumers’ perceptions about the paper and packaging industry’s contribution to environmental solutions.
With the help of a rich content program and our two animated characters, the campaign embodies the core values of sustainable stewardship, continuous product innovation and well-established recycling practices to increase consumer awareness and preference for paper and paper-based packaging.

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Workplace Productivity Report

2020 Workplace Productivity Report
The survey finds that since going remote, 73% of the 2,000 workers surveyed face digital overload, with more than half turning to paper to organize their thoughts, prioritize tasks, or just doodle to relieve stress.

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Right Box Vignette [15 seconds]

Collaboration Vignette [15 seconds]

Pizza Box Vignette [15 seconds]

Box’s Mission: To Deliver - Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds® [30 seconds]

Paper Wrap Vignette [15 seconds]

Tree Vignette [15 seconds]

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Virtual Reality Vignette [15 seconds]

Gift Vignette [15 seconds]

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