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The Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds® campaign from the manufacturers and importers of paper highlights the important role paper and packaging play in our lives by helping strengthen positive public perceptions of the industry’s products and increase their use.

Across print, television and social media, the national marketing campaign places paper and packaging where they belong - at the center of many of our most important moments. See how they help us showcase our talent, reach our goals, deliver the food and goods we want, and connect with one another at

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When we need to remember. Or be remembered.

When we're striving to make a name for ourselves. When we're digging into a fascinating new future. In the workplace, the classroom and the world, we turn to paper and packaging when it matters. The Paper & Packaging - How Life Unfolds® campaign proudly recognizes and celebrates these valuable moments and the difference they make in our everyday lives.
With the help of a rich content program and our two animated characters, the campaign embodies the core values that make these moments possible: creativity, determination and curiosity. In every short story, our audience finds new reason to a pick up pen, paper and packing materials and bring these values to life. One life-changing moment at a time.

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Workplace Productivity Report

New survey reveals 60% of office workers turn to paper for peak productivity.

TV Spots/Videos

Collaboration Vignette [15 seconds]

Pizza Box Vignette [15 seconds]

Paper’s Business Pitch - Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds® [30 seconds]

Box’s Mission: To Deliver - Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds® [30 seconds]

Paper Wrap Vignette [15 seconds]

Tree Vignette [15 seconds]

Rocket Vignette [15 seconds]

Virtual Reality Vignette [15 seconds]

Gift Vignette [15 seconds]

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