Sarah Meiburg

Sarah Meiburg

Director, Box to Nature Program

Sarah is a seasoned branding and marketing professional with extensive experience in consumer and stakeholder research, message development, brand strategy development and the creation of integrated marketing campaigns utilizing digital, social, broadcast and print media channels. As founder of Hazelnut Marketing consulting firm and “virtual” agency she worked with clients like Inova Health System, Sentara Healthcare and Holy Cross Hospital. Prior to that, she worked for advertising agencies and in marketing leadership positions for financial institutions and healthcare organizations. Her expertise includes marketing for consumers, internal audiences and business-to-business communications.  

For the last 7 years, Sarah was Sr. Director of Industry Outreach for the Paper and Packaging Board, where she oversaw company and industry communications, the CAPs program and B2B program development and outreach.

Now as a consultant, she is responsible for building and managing the Box to Nature program, a residential recycling initiative working with member companies, downstream packaging companies and brands to adopt this recycling message.

Sarah previously served on the board of The Alliance Theatre, a community theatre for all ages, where she has produced numerous musicals. She created the posters, flyers and programs for the shows, celebrating her love of the arts on paper! Today, she enjoys traveling and receiving a steady stream of e-commerce deliveries in corrugated boxes, and of course checking the cert stamp on the bottom to see which of our companies made the box!