The Results Are In: 94 Percent of College Students Associate Paper with Their Success

College Results

The fourth annual Paper and Productive Learning Report reveals that students, teachers and parents prefer paper to aid productive learning over other tools. The report exclusively shares the results of a survey conducted by IPSOS, which included over 1,800 students, parents and educators in the United States. Surprisingly, results show that students continue to take notes by hand or prepare for exams with paper — despite digital technology’s prominence in the classroom. Ninety-four percent of college students and 89 percent of students grades 7-12 say paper is essential to helping them achieve academic goals. 

The Paper and Packaging Board’s 15 Pages A Day initiative, launched in August 2017, is one way to quantify how many print pages result in optimum reading health and information retention. The report shows nearly 90 percent say reading 15 pages on paper each day can help improve a student’s memory and language development; and time spent with paper is time not spent on screens. More than half of parents say they’re suffering from “digital overload” and try to limit their family’s screen time. 

Click here to download the 2018 full report including an essay from Penny Kittle, teacher, advocate and renowned author of Book Love. She writes, “Reading is an antidote for lives lived at top speed.”