P+PB Takes Participants "Pack to the Future" at the 2022 PACK EXPO

Cardboard Car

The Paper and Packaging Board is tooting its own horn for innovation at the 2022 PACK EXPO International held in Chicago last month. P+PB’s innovative Pack to the Future booth took the power of corrugated to new levels to launch its Box to Nature residential recycling program for e-commerce boxes.

The goal was simple – talk to as many brands and manufacturers as possible about the Box to Nature program and the difference participating can have on the planet’s future sustainability. However, starting those conversations at PACK EXPO would require a breakthrough and innovative idea to catch the attention of 40,000+ attendees.

The innovation came to life with a to-scale, fully corrugated, Box to Nature DeLorean-inspired car – all tricked out to travel to the future! The DeLorean was the centrepiece of the Box to Nature launch experience. Attendees lined up to have their pictures taken with the car and to learn about the initiative. A virtual reality experience put attendees in the front seat of a time machine, sending them through a wormhole to a sustainable future where they learned about the program and why they should participate.

The innovative idea worked, and the booth was the talk of the show, leading to many conversations about the residential recycling program!

And to top it all off, the corrugated DeLorean will live on! The CEO of Re-Cre8 Recycling fell in love with it and vowed to take it home with him – so it’s now on display in Toledo, Ohio! They also recycled the rest of our corrugated booth, ensuring those fibers will live up to seven lives!