New Data Shows Positive Campaign Impact Continues!

New Data Shows Positive Campaign Impact

The newly released 2018 Campaign Impact Report shows that among consumers aware of the Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds® campaign, preference for paper and paper-based packaging is strong. After seeing the advertising, consumers feel positive toward industry materials and report they are more likely to use a number of paper-based products.

Unlike previous campaign impact reports, this year we looked at the impact of waste media coverage on attitudes broadly. While attitudes are positive overall, coverage about climate change and waste escalated in 2018 adding to consumer uncertainty about the environment and material waste of all kinds. The good news is the research shows our target audience still believes the benefits of paper outweigh the environmental concerns, especially when compared to other materials. As a result, our messages about paper and packaging’s role in everyday life has never been more important.

Overall, the data shows our advertising is working and we are excited the messaging resonates with consumers. For full results, click here to download the report and share it among your organization.