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Welcome to your source of information for Referendum. Close to six years in, the very fiber of the Paper and Packaging Board (P+PB) is unity. Together, we and our checkoff companies are rooted in the dual mission to create value for paper in this increasingly digital world and to reinforce the benefits of paper-based packaging as the solution to safely deliver the goods we need. Now more than ever, our national campaign is having a huge impact on consumer and customer opinions and awareness of paper.


Your Questions Answered

The Paper and Packaging Board became official in January 2014 following the industry’s overwhelming support to create the program. The law that governs our program requires the industry to hold a “continuance referendum” not later than seven years from the start of the program in January 2014. Companies who paid assessments in 2019 vote whether to renew it for seven more years. This vote is overseen by USDA and is set to take place between October 12-23, 2020. For additional information check out our Referendum 2020 FAQs.

Campaign Impact: Numbers Tell the Story

Leading indicators of campaign impact include the growth in the audience who love and buy our industry’s products, the growing number of positive stories about our industry generated by the campaign and growing online consumer engagement with P+PB messages and content.

Growing Consumer Users

The campaign has grown the number of consumers predisposed to using our products from 28% to 36% of consumers 18 – 49 years old. 

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Starting Positive Conversations

In 2019, we generated 45% of all positive news stories and social media conversations nationally about paper and packaging – up 10 points from 2018.

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*2019 Data

More Campaign Impact Data

Executive Summary Cover

Econometric Report Executive Summary

A USDA econometric study of the campaign from 2015-2018 which concludes a marketing ROI of 12:1.  

2019 Campaign Impact Report

2019 Campaign Impact Report

Annual report shares research and engagement metrics that reveal the positive impact of the campaign.

A Personal Invitation from P+PB President, Mary Anne Hansan


Have questions, comments, ideas, observations about the Paper and Packaging Board program? I invite you to reach out to me directly to talk. I value my time with you and the one-on-one conversations with our member companies. Covid-19 may not allow me to meet with you in person at this time but please reach out to me  by email or phone and let’s set up a time to talk! I am also available for executive leadership and individual briefings via Zoom at your convenience.

You can reach me at or 703.935.8591.