Esther Yoon

Advertising Coordinator

A visual storyteller and a voracious media consumer, Esther joins the P+PB team with three years of editorial experience from places like the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Magazine. She’s dipped her toe in the marketing field from an internship with the Wharton Future of Advertising Program and decided to jump in for the long haul.

Esther holds her bachelor’s degree in English Literature, with honors, and a minor in Graphic Design from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. As part of her education, she’s worked with both nonprofit and for-profit clients in the Philadelphia region to develop their marketing strategy, creative branding, data visualizations and original typography. Recently, she has led a team to develop the signage for an outdoor exhibition for a collaboration between New York artist Wendy Ewal and local elementary schools in West Philadelphia.

When she’s not obsessively collecting memoirs and inhaling autobiographies, she’s an avid journaler going on her ninth moleskin, maintains a photography blog and a self-declared coffee expert. She falls in love with beautiful typography easily — especially on print — and looks to the work of Herb Lubalin for inspiration.