Pulp Magic: tactile

MARCH 14, 2016
Paper Promises Authentic Connections
by Mary Anne Hansan Tags: , ,

The Digital Age is full of paradoxes. We’re more connected than ever before, but we’re also more lonely. We have technology at our fingertips, but we  want to touch something “real.” We’re increasingly living in a virtual world and yet concern for the wellbeing of our physical world is growing. Paper has an important role to play in this contradictory ...

DECEMBER 23, 2015
Paper & Packaging in Magical Store Windows
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If you have ever visited New York City between Thanksgiving and the New Year, it’s the window displays that capture our imaginations and beckon us inside. They range from minimalist to outrageous riots of color and movement as each store tries to outdo last year’s fantasies. There’s even an interactive walking tour on Google Maps so you don’t have to ...

NOVEMBER 30, 2015
The Golden Age of Postcards
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Before Facebook and Twitter there were postcards. Lots and lots of postcards. It’s hard to imagine now but just after the turn of the century, the world was experiencing something like postcard mania. In 1908, the U.S. Postal Service delivered more than 600 million postcards and by 1913 that number was just under a billion. People sent postcards the way ...

JULY 30, 2015
The Joys of Summer Reading
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There are few things as simple and satisfying as reading a book at the beach.  No need to worry about getting the pages wet or dropping it when you fall asleep. I have lots of old paperbacks with sand in the pages and each one reminds me of a vacation at the beach soaking up the sun with a good ...

MARCH 2, 2015
Behold the Humble Pizza Box
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Art can dignify even the most humble materials. Legend has it that the Renaissance artist Raphael painted his famous Madonna della Seggiola on the round bottom of a wine barrel because he lacked a proper canvas. The modern equivalent to that barrel top may be the pizza box. CBS Sunday Morning recently reported on a man in New York City ...

JANUARY 27, 2015
Has the Demise of the Printed Book Been Exaggerated?
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Mark Twain, one of the best selling authors in American history, once famously quipped “reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” The same can be said for the printed book and traditional bookstores. According to Publishers Weekly, face-to-face book sales are staging a comeback. The trade magazine reports that sales of printed books sold through traditional outlets rose 2.4% last ...