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MAY 20, 2016
Take Me Out to The Ball Game. And Don’t Forget to Bring Paper
by Mary Anne Hansan Tags: , , ,

Baseball is back in full swing and my home team Nationals are enjoying their best ever season start. There are plenty of reasons why they’re doing so well (I don’t want to jinx it) but one theory has to do with paper. Specifically, pitching coach Mike Maddux is known to make his next game starting pitcher track every pitch, swing, ...

NOVEMBER 6, 2015
Parents’ Technology Crisis and the Reassurance of Paper
by Mary Anne Hansan Tags: , ,

In September’s issue of Southern Living, actress Reese Witherspoon talked to former first daughter turned reporter, Jenna Bush, about her new retail adventure called Draper James which, given Witherspoon’s penchant for writing thank you notes includes, among other things, stationery. When asked directly by Bush about whether Witherspoon’s children write thank you notes via text or letters, Witherspoon emphasizes written ...

DECEMBER 19, 2014
The Accidental Birth of Christmas Wrapping Paper
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This time of year we tend to reacquaint ourselves with wrapping paper.  Depending on your mood (and your proximity to Christmas Eve) wrapping gifts for the holidays is either a joy or a chore but the range of paper wrapping options is dazzling.  It’s unbelievable that Etsy, the eCommerce craft store, boasts more than 30,000 designs, many of them handmade.  ...