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APRIL 12, 2016
A Brief History of Girl Scout Cookie Packaging
by Mary Anne Hansan Tags: , ,

Unless you’ve been hiding in your basement you know we’re wrapping up Girl Scout cookie season and you’ve probably encountered one or more of the 2 million+ green sashed entrepreneurs hawking their line of baked goods. I’ll admit I love indulging in a Samoa or two. (They go surprisingly well with a nice dry sparkling wine). But the boxes are ...

FEBRUARY 24, 2016
What the New York Times Misses on the Economics and Environmental Profile of Paper-based Packaging
by Mary Anne Hansan Tags: , ,

We sent the below letter — complete with detailed factual substantiation — to the New York Times, challenging some of the misleading implications of a recent article on the environmental profile of paper-based packaging. The Times has not responded, but it’s important that readers know the full story. * * * To the Editor— A recent article (“E-Commerce: Convenience Built ...

Three (trillion) Cheers for the Forests
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Uplifting news emerged this week from a study published in the scientific journal Nature that the world has far more trees than ever before imagined. Previous estimates, which were much lower, were dwarfed by the actual number of trees that was proven by scientists from Yale University: Three trillion. That’s worth repeating: 3,000,000,000,000. The hard proof and good news confirms what Americans have ...

DECEMBER 24, 2014
Have Yourself an Environmentally-Friendly Christmas
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Each year, between the end of November and late December, the tide of packages delivered by FedEx, UPS and the post office turns into a tsunami.   These three shippers will handle more than a billion packages from Black Friday until Christmas this year.  Most if not all of those one billion packages are packed in some sort of corrugated packaging ...

NOVEMBER 3, 2014
Thinking Outside the Box
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Suppose you had just hollowed out a Swiss mountain for your home and wanted to install a guest room that reminded you of a medieval library.   What material would you use?  How about cardboard? That seems to have been what went through the head of Jeroen van Mechelen of JVM Studio, a Dutch architecture and design firm.  Inspired by a ...

SEPTEMBER 16, 2014
Paperboard and Corrugated Working “Behind the Scenes . . . Below the Grade.”
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My house is covered in paperboard! The interior looks like an industrial version of Christmas morning with everything from heavy cardboard on my first and second floors to the waffled containerboard swaddling the just delivered bathroom cabinet. After 38 years, it was time to update the main bathroom and this became another occasion to notice the ubiquity and utility of ...