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DECEMBER 19, 2018
Paper: Part of Our Sustainable Future
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CBS’s “60 Minutes” recently did a story on an ambitious plan to corral and clean up the so-called “Great Pacific Garbage Patch.” Although that name conjures images of a massive floating landfill, the patch can’t always or even often be recognized with the naked eye. It instead refers to a vast, diffuse area in the northeastern Pacific (there are several ...

DECEMBER 3, 2018
Paper: The Original “Circular Economy”
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Our friends at Two Sides, a non-profit dedicated to promoting paper’s sustainability and debunking the myth that digital is greener, recently posted a thought-provoking piece about the “circular economy,” driven by recycling and reuse of raw materials, in contrast with the “linear economies” that continue to persist in many sectors. The idea of the circular economy is fairly recent, working ...

DECEMBER 1, 2018
The “Recycling Crisis” That Wasn’t
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Last week, timed for black Friday and cyber Monday, USA Today published a story (“Will those holiday gift boxes actually get recycled? Um, maybe”, by Chris Woodyard) that could leave consumers with the impression that paper/box recycling as you know it is in “crisis.” Happily, I can report that this is not the case. In fact, the piece focuses on ...

AUGUST 31, 2018
Recycling Works: Put it in the Bin
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You may have seen news stories in recent weeks about “disruption” or even “crisis” in the recycling world, driven by regulatory changes in China—a major buyer of America’s recycled materials. But the important thing for you as a consumer to know is that the paper and cardboard box industries, and all the other industries dedicated to recycling, are already adapting. ...

APRIL 3, 2017
#PoweredByPaper Shakes Up High-Tech ‘South By’
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I have heard for years about South by Southwest in Austin, the interactive festival known for debuting companies that would become household names, such as Twitter and Uber. Two weeks ago, we took the Paper & Packaging — How Life Unfolds™ campaign to “South By” and set up a 100% corrugated booth that featured a curated collection of paper and ...

NOVEMBER 30, 2016
It’s the Most Wonderful Unboxing Time of the Year
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I received my first post-Thanksgiving holiday order today, and immediately I was filled with anticipation about the gifts I ordered. Would the gifts be cherished as much as the effort that went into my careful selection? Would the recipients who opened my gift be as excited as I was when I first inspected my purchase? This moment had all the ...