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Free from Distraction: Removing Cell Phones from the Classroom
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At the Paper and Packaging Board, we reject the print vs. digital debate as a false choice. The truth is paper-based and digital technologies are mutually reinforcing, and together make for creative, cognitive and business outcomes that neither could on their own. But there are contexts in which paper is preferable and digital a downright distraction. We know this from ...

AUGUST 8, 2016
Students Love Print
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You know what’s cool at school these days? Books printed on paper. And it’s not just a retro thing like vinyl records or flip phones. Both scientific studies and the observations of teachers point to a continued preference for printed textbooks over electronic versions among college students. One digital textbook pilot program at the University of Washington even found that ...

DECEMBER 16, 2015
Value of Paper in the Classroom
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An important part of the Paper and Packaging Board’s work is making sure that journalists and the general public have accurate data about paper and paper-based products and the value they provide. I sent this letter to the Education Editor at the Huffington Post when one of their reporters predicted paper in the classroom is a tool of the past: ...

DECEMBER 10, 2015
Why Paper Persists
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I came across a recent article (“Report: 84% of orgs see ROI from paper-free programs in under 18 months,” by Lisa Hoover McGreevy, 12/02/15) in the tech trade, “Fierce Content Management.” In the context of reporting on “paperless” workplaces it includes comments I gave to the Washington Post on the mission of the Paper and Packaging Board (P+PB). But readers ...