Pulp Magic: paper

DECEMBER 19, 2016
All I Want For Christmas is Pulp
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It’s getting late and you can’t decide what to get for that special paper and packaging person in your life.  Don’t panic; there are plenty of ideas out there and we’ve already done the legwork so you don’t have to.  Below is our round up of the best paper and packaging gifts of the 2016 holiday season: First up, one ...

DECEMBER 5, 2016
Catalogs Bring Quiet to Christmas Craze
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The frantic run-up to Christmas easily makes the Scrooges among us say "Bah, Humbug!" Not me--I think it’s great! There’s nothing like getting lost in holiday music, wishful advertisements, shipping deliveries and endless commotion! There’s another Christmas tradition that I enjoy as much as Christmas cards: holiday catalogs! I turn to these magazine-like pages to find that perfect gift.  Cooking ...

NOVEMBER 2, 2016
History of Voting with Paper
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When you vote this Election Day, it’s good to remember that you’re taking part in a ritual of democracy with a rich history. The ancient Greeks who not only invented democracy but also the mechanics of voting used to throw small metal tokens marked with their preferred candidate into a jar where they could be counted. The Venetians used small ...

OCTOBER 24, 2016
Your Brain Loves Paper
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What’s so special about paper? For one thing, your mind and body love it. Humans have evolved a sense of touch so powerful that we easily forget its influence on us. But there’s a growing body of scientific research in the field of haptics that strongly suggests the tangible nature of paper makes it a remarkably effective communications medium. A ...

SEPTEMBER 28, 2015
In Support of Checkoffs
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If you read or listened to a recent NPR segment (“Why Does Government Act As Tax Collector For Agribusiness?” September 23, 2015) you’d come away with a less than clear understanding of how USDA commodity checkoff programs work. Checkoff programs have been around under federal law since 1966 when Congress passed the Cotton Research and Promotion Act. Often referred to ...

SEPTEMBER 18, 2015
Note to Bloggers: We’re in a Tree Planting Business
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If I were to tell Grist’s editors that I knew of a group that planted 3.2 million trees every day in the United States, they’d probably want to give them an award. That group, of course, are the forestland owners—many of them families on small plots—who provide the raw material for paper and packaging products, considered among the most reusable ...