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FEBRUARY 12, 2019
Cellulose Nanofibers: The Next Big Thing
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The pulping process that turns wood into paper is an old technology. Really old. Older than eyeglasses. Older than the compass. Older than porcelain, gun powder, and even algebra. But what’s remarkable is that, after nearly two millennia, our industry is still innovating around wood fiber, using cutting edge processes to transform it for use in brand new applications. We’re ...

DECEMBER 19, 2018
Paper: Part of Our Sustainable Future
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CBS’s “60 Minutes” recently did a story on an ambitious plan to corral and clean up the so-called “Great Pacific Garbage Patch.” Although that name conjures images of a massive floating landfill, the patch can’t always or even often be recognized with the naked eye. It instead refers to a vast, diffuse area in the northeastern Pacific (there are several ...

JULY 18, 2018
On a Roll!
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At the three-year mark, we have just conducted four industry webinars to report on the progress of the Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds® campaign to over 300 people. I am pleased to report that our data suggests we are off to a good start and the future looks even more promising. According to Cornell economist Harry Kaiser, PhD, ...

For Food Safety, Think Inside the Box
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September is Food Safety Month which makes this a great time to talk about the importance of clean and recyclable paper packaging. What’s the connection? Well, think about how the food you eat gets from the farm to your dinner table. Chances are, at some point, it came in a box. And there are a bunch of good reasons for ...

MAY 3, 2017
Meet the Man Behind the Trees
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At the end of April we celebrated Arbor Day, but for the rest of the year we should celebrate the person who came up with the idea of replanting forests: J. Sterling Morton. Morton was a collection of contradictions and accomplishments.  He was a campus radical expelled from the University of Michigan (they later gave him an honorary degree), a ...

APRIL 3, 2017
#PoweredByPaper Shakes Up High-Tech ‘South By’
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I have heard for years about South by Southwest in Austin, the interactive festival known for debuting companies that would become household names, such as Twitter and Uber. Two weeks ago, we took the Paper & Packaging — How Life Unfolds™ campaign to “South By” and set up a 100% corrugated booth that featured a curated collection of paper and ...