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APRIL 2, 2019
Is a Digital Backlash Coming?
by Mary Anne Hansan Tags: , ,

Have we reached a digital peak?  Are we at the point where the digital tide has swept away all before it and can go no further?  It feels that way when you look up from your phone in a crowded place and everyone else is looking down at theirs. And the growth of social media has decelerated mainly because there ...

FEBRUARY 27, 2019
Is There Anything Paper Can’t Do?
by Mary Anne Hansan Tags: ,

Is there something about paper that inspires the human imagination? I think so. While paper has been around for centuries, the “first technology” has continued to innovate right up to the present day. Take sustainability for example. A research group at the University of California, Riverside and Shandong University in China are on the verging of inventing re-printable paper. The ...

FEBRUARY 12, 2019
Cellulose Nanofibers: The Next Big Thing
by Mary Anne Hansan Tags: , , ,

The pulping process that turns wood into paper is an old technology. Really old. Older than eyeglasses. Older than the compass. Older than porcelain, gun powder, and even algebra. But what’s remarkable is that, after nearly two millennia, our industry is still innovating around wood fiber, using cutting edge processes to transform it for use in brand new applications. We’re ...

DECEMBER 19, 2018
Paper: Part of Our Sustainable Future
by Mary Anne Hansan Tags: , , ,

CBS’s “60 Minutes” recently did a story on an ambitious plan to corral and clean up the so-called “Great Pacific Garbage Patch.” Although that name conjures images of a massive floating landfill, the patch can’t always or even often be recognized with the naked eye. It instead refers to a vast, diffuse area in the northeastern Pacific (there are several ...

DECEMBER 3, 2018
Paper: The Original “Circular Economy”
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Our friends at Two Sides, a non-profit dedicated to promoting paper’s sustainability and debunking the myth that digital is greener, recently posted a thought-provoking piece about the “circular economy,” driven by recycling and reuse of raw materials, in contrast with the “linear economies” that continue to persist in many sectors. The idea of the circular economy is fairly recent, working ...

DECEMBER 1, 2018
The “Recycling Crisis” That Wasn’t
by Mary Anne Hansan Tags: , , ,

Last week, timed for black Friday and cyber Monday, USA Today published a story (“Will those holiday gift boxes actually get recycled? Um, maybe”, by Chris Woodyard) that could leave consumers with the impression that paper/box recycling as you know it is in “crisis.” Happily, I can report that this is not the case. In fact, the piece focuses on ...