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Free from Distraction: Removing Cell Phones from the Classroom
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At the Paper and Packaging Board, we reject the print vs. digital debate as a false choice. The truth is paper-based and digital technologies are mutually reinforcing, and together make for creative, cognitive and business outcomes that neither could on their own. But there are contexts in which paper is preferable and digital a downright distraction. We know this from ...

JUNE 28, 2018
Choose Paper Time over Screen Time
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Is social media ruining our lives? People are beginning to think so. As a parent, I’m concerned when I see so many young people engaged on their phones and disengaged from the world around them. And it turns out, those kids are just as concerned as I am. According to a survey by Two Sides, a graphic communications industry group, ...

MAY 2, 2018
Celebrate Craft Beer Week in May!
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What does paper have to do with craft beer? More than you might think. First, they share a lot of the same attributes. They both tend to evoke authenticity, variety and a certain “craftiness.” They’re comforting and familiar. Old-fashioned and yet totally up to date. So, to celebrate Craft Beer Week (May 14-20) we are taking a look at what’s ...

JANUARY 9, 2018
Time for a New Day Planner
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With dozens of free day planning apps available online, what explains the continued popularity of paper planners? The answer is a combination of history and haptics. According to The New York Times, sales of appointment books and planners are actually growing by about 10% per year making it a $340 million business. This despite all the varieties of digital apps ...

OCTOBER 11, 2017
People Still Like Their Bills on Paper
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Do you still get your bills in the mail?  If so, you’re not alone. Even though nearly everyone uses email these days, about 85% of bills and statements are still delivered on paper by mail. And according to a survey from CreditCards.com, 93 million credit card holders receive their statements on paper instead of online.  What’s more, 43 million of ...

SEPTEMBER 28, 2017
Paper Can Get You Hired
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Fall is a great time to start something new.  The frivolity of summer is behind you and the air feels crisp with possibility. But starting something new, like a job, still begins with something old, like a resume. Despite the ubiquity of digital communications, a summary of your qualifications, experience and achievements printed on a weighty paper stock continues to ...