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JUNE 10, 2015
Printing in Three Dimensions Is New Old Technology
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While printing on paper has always been an art form in two dimensions, some visionaries have managed to print in three using the same paper, ink and presses as the rest of us. Author/artists such as Vojtěch Kubašta who published books with pop-up pages in Czechoslovakia pioneered a cutting and printing process that has delighted children as well as adults ...

MAY 27, 2015
Could Wallpaper Help Protect Soldiers?
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Memorial Day reminds us of the sacrifices that tens of thousands of American soldiers have made to protect this country. It also challenges us to do all we can to protect those soldiers from danger. That’s why a brief item from the BBC caught my attention. It seems the US Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) ...

MARCH 25, 2015
Business Cards — A Timeless, Personal Business Tool
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If you’re like me you have a collection of business cards that you’ve gathered from meetings and conventions over the years. They’re usually on crisp cream or white card stock with precise edges and raised type lettering. A freshly printed card is a pleasure to hold in your hand. But you’re also holding a bit of history. People have been ...

NOVEMBER 3, 2014
Thinking Outside the Box
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Suppose you had just hollowed out a Swiss mountain for your home and wanted to install a guest room that reminded you of a medieval library.   What material would you use?  How about cardboard? That seems to have been what went through the head of Jeroen van Mechelen of JVM Studio, a Dutch architecture and design firm.  Inspired by a ...

JULY 3, 2014
Everything Old Is New Again
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Everything Old Is New Again The story of pulp and paper is largely the story of change and continuity . . . old ways and new processes . . . ancient tradition and radical innovation. That dichotomy was on full display earlier this month when I visited Steve Voorhees and Christopher Broome for a guided tour of the RockTenn facility ...

JUNE 26, 2014
Paper + Electronic Media = Impact
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A few weeks ago in London, a simple piece of paper stole the show at a soccer game between Peru and the home team England. Before an audience of thousands at Wembley Stadium, a paper airplane thrown from the nosebleed section glided majestically over the fans and gently collided with a Peruvian player on the field to the joy of ...