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FEBRUARY 12, 2016
Happy Palentine’s Day!
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If you’re not in a romantic relationship, February 14th can loom on your calendar like an all-day dentist appointment – something to be avoided if possible and ignored at the very least. For you, there’s now Palentine’s Day. As the name suggests, Palentine’s Day is an opportunity to recognize your pals with a purely platonic, no-strings-attached, sincere gesture of friendship. ...

DECEMBER 23, 2015
Paper & Packaging in Magical Store Windows
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If you have ever visited New York City between Thanksgiving and the New Year, it’s the window displays that capture our imaginations and beckon us inside. They range from minimalist to outrageous riots of color and movement as each store tries to outdo last year’s fantasies. There’s even an interactive walking tour on Google Maps so you don’t have to ...

DECEMBER 24, 2014
Have Yourself an Environmentally-Friendly Christmas
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Each year, between the end of November and late December, the tide of packages delivered by FedEx, UPS and the post office turns into a tsunami.   These three shippers will handle more than a billion packages from Black Friday until Christmas this year.  Most if not all of those one billion packages are packed in some sort of corrugated packaging ...

DECEMBER 19, 2014
The Accidental Birth of Christmas Wrapping Paper
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This time of year we tend to reacquaint ourselves with wrapping paper.  Depending on your mood (and your proximity to Christmas Eve) wrapping gifts for the holidays is either a joy or a chore but the range of paper wrapping options is dazzling.  It’s unbelievable that Etsy, the eCommerce craft store, boasts more than 30,000 designs, many of them handmade.  ...