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SEPTEMBER 12, 2014
Just a “Scrap of Paper”
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If anyone suggests to you that paper plays an inconsequential role in geopolitics, remind them that one hundred years ago in August the only thing stopping the world’s great powers from annihilating each other was a “scrap of paper.” The Treaty of London signed on 1839 by Britain, France, Russia, the German Confederation (and others) guaranteed the neutrality of Belgium ...

JULY 9, 2014
Paper Sets the Tone
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Following my visit to the 100-year-old RockTenn facility in West Point, Virginia, I made my way to the Northern Neck of Virginia and a tiny “tasting” restaurant for the Rappahannock Oyster Company called Merroir. The dining room, sitting on the banks of the Locklies Creek surrounded by white sand and marsh grass and cooled by a fresh breeze, is utterly ...