Pulp Magic: hand-written communication

JUNE 26, 2015
Industry Campaign Will Communicate Life’s Best Moments and Important Supporting Role of Paper and Packaging
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Over these past several months I’ve had time to consider how frequently paper and packaging enables and empowers my life . . . how much it is a part of my day, every day. And how much I rely on it. I came to realize that paper is not only ubiquitous but it has a simplicity and clarity of purpose ...

APRIL 23, 2015
The Power of Pen on Paper
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This year our annual report is a little different . . . it’s handwritten. We used a team of artists and calligraphers from Polygraph in Washington, D.C. to create a pen and paper proof of the report that was then reproduced in a limited print run. The effect is lovely in the sense that it communicates on an emotional level ...

MARCH 25, 2015
Business Cards — A Timeless, Personal Business Tool
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If you’re like me you have a collection of business cards that you’ve gathered from meetings and conventions over the years. They’re usually on crisp cream or white card stock with precise edges and raised type lettering. A freshly printed card is a pleasure to hold in your hand. But you’re also holding a bit of history. People have been ...

DECEMBER 19, 2014
The Accidental Birth of Christmas Wrapping Paper
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This time of year we tend to reacquaint ourselves with wrapping paper.  Depending on your mood (and your proximity to Christmas Eve) wrapping gifts for the holidays is either a joy or a chore but the range of paper wrapping options is dazzling.  It’s unbelievable that Etsy, the eCommerce craft store, boasts more than 30,000 designs, many of them handmade.  ...

NOVEMBER 14, 2014
Saying It With Paper
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We have a tradition in the Hansan family.   When any of us has a birthday we mark the event with a multitude of cards in all shapes, sizes, and sentiments.  Some are funny and others are serious but taken together they capture the full range of the heart’s emotions. I’m sure this is not unique to our household but we ...

SEPTEMBER 12, 2014
Just a “Scrap of Paper”
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If anyone suggests to you that paper plays an inconsequential role in geopolitics, remind them that one hundred years ago in August the only thing stopping the world’s great powers from annihilating each other was a “scrap of paper.” The Treaty of London signed on 1839 by Britain, France, Russia, the German Confederation (and others) guaranteed the neutrality of Belgium ...