Pulp Magic: hand-written communication

AUGUST 31, 2016
Writing Longhand on Paper Is the Key to These Fiction Writers’ Success
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With Labor Day coming up, I’ve been feverishly trying to catch up on my summer reading. I confess I have an affinity for fiction and Elin Hilderbrand’s novels, like this year's “The Rumor” that have earned her the title “the queen of the summer novel.” Even more remarkable than Hilderbrand’s ability to turn out two highly addictive novels per year ...

JUNE 14, 2016
Old Style + New Tech = Timeless Magic
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I love the doodles that Google puts on its search page to mark a holiday or special event, but recently I saw one that I didn’t recognize.  It was a silhouette of an older lady cutting intricate designs in paper.  The doodle told a charming little story - all in a unique silhouetted style.  It turns out the Google doodle ...

MAY 20, 2016
Take Me Out to The Ball Game. And Don’t Forget to Bring Paper
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Baseball is back in full swing and my home team Nationals are enjoying their best ever season start. There are plenty of reasons why they’re doing so well (I don’t want to jinx it) but one theory has to do with paper. Specifically, pitching coach Mike Maddux is known to make his next game starting pitcher track every pitch, swing, ...

MARCH 14, 2016
Paper Promises Authentic Connections
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The Digital Age is full of paradoxes. We’re more connected than ever before, but we’re also more lonely. We have technology at our fingertips, but we  want to touch something “real.” We’re increasingly living in a virtual world and yet concern for the wellbeing of our physical world is growing. Paper has an important role to play in this contradictory ...

DECEMBER 10, 2015
Why Paper Persists
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I came across a recent article (“Report: 84% of orgs see ROI from paper-free programs in under 18 months,” by Lisa Hoover McGreevy, 12/02/15) in the tech trade, “Fierce Content Management.” In the context of reporting on “paperless” workplaces it includes comments I gave to the Washington Post on the mission of the Paper and Packaging Board (P+PB). But readers ...

NOVEMBER 30, 2015
The Golden Age of Postcards
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Before Facebook and Twitter there were postcards. Lots and lots of postcards. It’s hard to imagine now but just after the turn of the century, the world was experiencing something like postcard mania. In 1908, the U.S. Postal Service delivered more than 600 million postcards and by 1913 that number was just under a billion. People sent postcards the way ...