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JULY 28, 2016
Cardboard is One of the Most Recycled Materials on the Planet, and That’s Just the Beginning of Its Sustainability Story
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A recent article (“Why Is There So Much Cardboard” By Katy Steinmetz, 6/30/16) published by TIME Magazine, doesn’t tell the whole story on the ecology and the economics of packaging made from paper. The article ends by questioning when consumers’ taste for the speed and convenience of e-commerce will be “matched by their demand for businesses to consider the environmental ...

FEBRUARY 24, 2016
What the New York Times Misses on the Economics and Environmental Profile of Paper-based Packaging
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We sent the below letter — complete with detailed factual substantiation — to the New York Times, challenging some of the misleading implications of a recent article on the environmental profile of paper-based packaging. The Times has not responded, but it’s important that readers know the full story. * * * To the Editor— A recent article (“E-Commerce: Convenience Built ...

SEPTEMBER 18, 2015
Note to Bloggers: We’re in a Tree Planting Business
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If I were to tell Grist’s editors that I knew of a group that planted 3.2 million trees every day in the United States, they’d probably want to give them an award. That group, of course, are the forestland owners—many of them families on small plots—who provide the raw material for paper and packaging products, considered among the most reusable ...

DECEMBER 24, 2014
Have Yourself an Environmentally-Friendly Christmas
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Each year, between the end of November and late December, the tide of packages delivered by FedEx, UPS and the post office turns into a tsunami.   These three shippers will handle more than a billion packages from Black Friday until Christmas this year.  Most if not all of those one billion packages are packed in some sort of corrugated packaging ...

OCTOBER 8, 2014
What I Learned at Domtar
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I always learn something new when I visit a paper mill.  Recently I traveled to Bennettsville, South Carolina to see Domtar’s Marlboro Mill, which I learned, is the newest paper mill in the country.  It was built in 1990, which also tells me there hasn’t been a lot of new paper mill construction in the United States for a long ...

Glatfelter — Specializing In Just About Everything
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“Enhancing Everyday Life” is simultaneously a humble and audacious aspiration.  It’s a claim that our industry can identify with.  Paper and packaging is both indispensable and largely invisible to the people who depend on it.  In fact, it’s so ubiquitous that most people don’t give it a second thought.  Yet paper enhances everyday life in ways that are impossible to ...