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NOVEMBER 30, 2016
It’s the Most Wonderful Unboxing Time of the Year
by Mary Anne Hansan Tags: , , , ,

I received my first post-Thanksgiving holiday order today, and immediately I was filled with anticipation about the gifts I ordered. Would the gifts be cherished as much as the effort that went into my careful selection? Would the recipients who opened my gift be as excited as I was when I first inspected my purchase? This moment had all the ...

SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
Unboxing the Future of Packaging
by Mary Anne Hansan Tags: , ,

It’s not hard to see that paper-based packages like boxes and digital technology enjoy a synergistic relationship. Each one needs the other to deliver on and enhance the customer experience. In fact, as one packaging trends observer put it, you could say we’re living in the golden age of packaging. The aisles of our brick and mortar stores are lined ...