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DECEMBER 23, 2015
Paper & Packaging in Magical Store Windows
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If you have ever visited New York City between Thanksgiving and the New Year, it’s the window displays that capture our imaginations and beckon us inside. They range from minimalist to outrageous riots of color and movement as each store tries to outdo last year’s fantasies. There’s even an interactive walking tour on Google Maps so you don’t have to ...

JUNE 10, 2015
Printing in Three Dimensions Is New Old Technology
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While printing on paper has always been an art form in two dimensions, some visionaries have managed to print in three using the same paper, ink and presses as the rest of us. Author/artists such as Vojtěch Kubašta who published books with pop-up pages in Czechoslovakia pioneered a cutting and printing process that has delighted children as well as adults ...

JULY 17, 2014
Gulf™ Oil’s Cardboard Lunar Model
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Forty-five years ago this month, millions of Americans watched and waited as the Apollo 11 astronauts approached the Moon for the first extraterrestrial landing. At the same time thousands of American kids struggled to complete an insanely difficult cardboard model of the Lunar Module (LM) distributed free at Gulf™ Oil gas stations across the country in the summer of 1969. ...