Pulp Magic

NOVEMBER 3, 2014

Thinking Outside the Box

Suppose you had just hollowed out a Swiss mountain for your home and wanted to install a guest room that reminded you of a medieval library.   What material would you use?  How about cardboard?

That seems to have been what went through the head of Jeroen van Mechelen of JVM Studio, a Dutch architecture and design firm.  Inspired by a 600-year-old painting of St. Jerome in his study, JVM created a modern day vaulted chamber in a villa carved from a mountainside in Vals, Switzerland made of 40mm cardboard panels cut with a CNC router.

The result is oddly breathtaking.  The precisely sliced panels form an intricate matrix that adds a touch of life and beauty against what would otherwise be cold stone walls. Like a chapel Thinking Outside the Boxdedicated to the god of packaging, the room — dubbed Hidden Lines by the design studio — is not exactly everyone’s idea of a cozy space but it does show rather dramatically that cardboard is one of the most versatile materials known to man.

Regardless of how you feel about an underground villa in the Swiss Alps you’ve got to marvel at the cardboard.  Is there anything it can’t do?

See more images of Hidden Lines here.