Pulp Magic

JUNE 26, 2014

Welcome to Pulp Magic

The futurist, Arthur C. Clarke, once wrote, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” By that definition I am privileged to work in the world’s first advanced technology — pulp, paper and paperboard— and the magic of it astounds me.

Perhaps it’s because we see these products so often in so many places that we sometimes fail to appreciate just how magical paper and paper-board technology is. Because of our continual refinement of what is an ancient process, we are able to make packaging that is both strong and durable and paper that is soft as tissue.

People of all means and backgrounds trust paper and paper-board packaging to record once-in-a -lifetime moments, package their heartfelt gifts and sentiments, define and reinforce brand’s identities and to deliver urgently needed medications.

But as practical and essential paper, bags and containers are to us in daily life, it also plays a timeless role as a medium for art, wisdom and knowledge. No other material is so versatile and indispensible. For so many vital functions, there simply is no substitute for paper.

In the coming weeks and months I hope to use this space to share news about the paper check-off and our customer and our developing consumer promotion campaign, alert you to what we are doing to defend paper and paperboard packaging and to remind us all of the magic of our technology.

The irony of an electronic blog about the “magic of pulp” is not lost on me. But we’re a forward-looking industry and as advances appear on the horizon we harness them confident in the ability of our products to comfortably coexist.

But we also recognize that there are some things that only paper can do. Pulp Magic will celebrate those things and honor those who help the world work and dream great ideas . . . ideas that would be lost unless someone gets them down on paper.