Pulp Magic

AUGUST 17, 2017

Paperboard to the Solar Eclipse Rescue!

The Great American Eclipse is happening on Monday, August 21. The total eclipse will be visible in a band across the entire U.S that stretches from Oregon to South Carolina. The Great American Eclipse is a total solar eclipse that has not been seen in the United States since 1979. Something to remember when viewing the eclipse: during totality, when the sun’s disk is completely covered by the moon, it is safe to view the eclipse with the naked eye BUT onlookers should never look at a partial solar eclipse without proper eye protection.

Just in time comes some seriously cool glasses for viewing the eclipse courtesy of paperboard! Eclipse Glasses by American Paper Optics highlights how your glasses are safe with a side-by-side comparison of real vs. fake. Lunt Solar Systems offers a fun Kid-Sized pair for children between the ages of 7-13, made out of heavy card stock. The Rainbow Symphony Store offers many different certified viewers as well as printed posters to accompany them, commemorating the historical event happening on Monday, August 21!

Thank goodness for paper that allows us to all view the eclipse safely no matter what your vantage point!!