Pulp Magic

SEPTEMBER 16, 2014

Paperboard and Corrugated Working “Behind the Scenes . . . Below the Grade.”

My house is covered in paperboard! The interior looks like an industrial version of Christmas morning with everything from heavy cardboard on my first and second floors to the waffled containerboard swaddling the just delivered bathroom cabinet. After 38 years, it was time to update the main bathroom and this became another occasion to notice the ubiquity and utility of paperboard.

CGEA6The remodeling required a fair amount of demolition and debris removal. That meant covering floors and protecting them with a product called Ram Board® from a high volume of boot-clad subcontractors clomping up and down the stairs with old tiles, a toilet, sink and yes, the even the bathtub. Turns out Ram Board® was originally designed to protect floors from the production-intensive demands of the movie industry. It didn’t take contractors long to discover and embrace Ram Board’s® unique qualities and spillproof properties for jobs like mine requiring extreme floor protection. And the best part was this industrial strength protection could be put in the recycling bin when we were done. Amazing stuff.

While the workmen were going about their job, a country music song was cranking from the contractor’s radio. It was Alan Jackson singing about the people who quietly work “behind the scenes . . . below the grade.” Paperboard, containerboard and corrugated are all a lot like that. Playing a quiet and unassuming role in our everyday lives.