Pulp Magic

JUNE 26, 2014

Paper + Electronic Media = Impact

A few weeks ago in London, a simple piece of paper stole the show at a soccer game between Peru and the home team England. Before an audience of thousands at Wembley Stadium, a paper airplane thrown from the nosebleed section glided majestically over the fans and gently collided with a Peruvian player on the field to the joy of everyone watching. See it here:

The fact that a single sheet of folded newsprint can have such an impact is nothing new. Paper has been the medium for world shattering events for a thousand years. But the interesting thing is the synergy between paper and new electronic media.

As of this posting, that video from Wembley has been seen by more than 2 million people. No doubt the number will be even higher by the time you read this.

But consider this. Without the internet that remarkable paper airplane would have been seen — at most — by only a few thousand soccer fans (and one Peruvian soccer player) in London. And without the paper, well, there wouldn’t have been anything to see at all. But together — paper and electronic media — there is an impact measured in millions all across the globe.

The viral video of the paper airplane is more of an analogy than a practical lesson in paper and pulp production. But it does illustrate why we embrace new technology and look for ways to make both paper and IT more valuable to us, to our customers, and to the world at large.

With imagination and skill we can create something that combines graceful beauty and pinpoint effectiveness. And that can delight the whole world.