Pulp Magic

NOVEMBER 14, 2014

Saying It With Paper

We have a tradition in the Hansan family.   When any of us has a birthday we mark the event with a multitude of cards in all shapes, sizes, and sentiments.  Some are funny and others are serious but taken together they capture the full range of the heart’s emotions.

Paper cardsI’m sure this is not unique to our household but we take it a bit far. We recently celebrated my husband Greg’s birthday. Both of our children are out-of-town but they knew a birthday would not be complete unless they sent at least one card apiece — or in the case of myself and my daughter, several cards.  In fact, card giving in our house turns into a “top this joke” competition between my daughter and me.

Of course this is no match for the thousands of birthday cards a six-year-old little boy with inoperable cancer received this year or the 5 million birthday cards the apparent world record holder received earlier.

At the Hansan home we’re doing our part.