Pulp Magic

JANUARY 17, 2017

New Year, New (Organized) You

“Ok, this is the year I get organized.” You may have said this yourself, I know I have. Most New Year resolutions are a triumph of hope over experience but January is still a great time for a fresh start and who can deny a person a little hope as winter settles in?

The easiest way to start getting organized is to take a pen, a clean sheet of paper and make a list. This could be three important things you would like to accomplish personally, or the five home improvements you have been putting off, the movies you want to see before the Oscars or the mini-series you have missed. Anything!

Just the act of making a list is healthy way of creating order and prioritizing where you want to devote your time and effort. It helps relieve stress and boost creativity. It also subliminally assigns you accountability for accomplishing the tasks on your list. And of course, writing it on paper allows haptic magic to happen.

Coffee, heart shaped cookies and notepad

Haptics – any form of interaction that involves the sense of touch – is the secret ingredient in Bullet Journaling, a cross between scrapbooking, journaling and a Daytimer!

You too can become a bullet journal junkie just by writing down all the things you want to do or need to do in a journal. When you complete a task, you move it to a list of accomplishments. If you don’t complete it, you have to move the task to the next day’s list. It has to be a physical journal and the migration of tasks from one list to another has to be a tactile experience.

It sounds ridiculously simple but the act of moving tasks makes an impression on you. You have either earned a sense of accomplishment or you feel the burden of unfulfilled plans accumulating day after day. It’s the physical sensation that makes it all so sublimely effective. You can read more about how to get started bullet journaling at How Life Unfolds. To help you get organized beyond journaling, we developed customizable planner pages that can be printed at home. The pages come in blue, green and pink, and three styles, a one-page weekly, a two-page weekly and monthly. These can be found at How Life Unfolds.

Now if this sounds like a chore, it’s not at all. It’s strangely relaxing. You can record your thoughts or doodles in your bullet journal and you can make a calendar to track your longer-term goals, or places you want to travel, or ideas to follow up. And if you do all this at a regular time – like before going to bed – it allows you to unwind after the day and feel satisfied that things are organized and under control. Oh, did I mention one of my New Year’s resolutions was a better night’s sleep which is all possible when you journal because you’ve connected your thoughts to the physical world and given them form on paper.