Pulp Magic

JUNE 26, 2015

Industry Campaign Will Communicate Life’s Best Moments and Important Supporting Role of Paper and Packaging

Motivation on PaperboardOver these past several months I’ve had time to consider how frequently paper and packaging enables and empowers my life . . . how much it is a part of my day, every day. And how much I rely on it.

I came to realize that paper is not only ubiquitous but it has a simplicity and clarity of purpose that is remarkably powerful. Let me give you a quick example.

I recently had the thrill of watching my daughter Katie take part in a half Iron Man race on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The race involved a one and half-mile swim, then a 56-mile bicycle ride, followed by a 13-mile run . . . a mind-boggling combination. Katie completed it in 6 hours and 29 minutes!

I was one among throngs of spectators cheering on these amazing triathletes. But what caught my eye was the small forest of paperboard signs of support that friends and family (including my own) had crafted for our athletes. And the runners noticed them too.

These simple paperboard signs tangibly conveyed our enduring love and encouragement for these extraordinary competitors and their incredible personal achievement. Our thoughts and our love were delivered through space to our runners/bikers/swimmers with the invaluable help of honest, unassuming, infinitely useful paper.

Each of us has a story like this . . . one in which paper plays a crucial role in an important life event. But few people ever consider how paper makes those events possible.

What if we reminded people that when life happens, paper and packaging is there propelling it along?

Soon we’ll be telling stories about people and families and businesses — lives that are richer and fuller because of paper and paper-based packaging. And those stories will illuminate the many ways we rely on paper to make life better for ourselves and those we love. In print ads, TV spots, in social media and in the news, we’ll show how our lives are (figuratively) wrapped in paper.

Gearing up for this campaign has been a bit like training for a triathlon. But now that the race is beginning, we’re excited about the possibilities and about all the people we will touch along the way.

Look for our campaign announcement and debut on July 8.