Pulp Magic

OCTOBER 6, 2014

Using Digital to Sell the Future of Paper

I’ve written about how magic sometimes happens at the convergence of paper and digital and this funny French commercial is an excellent example.  Le Trefle, a toilet paper brand from the Italian paper manufacturing company Sofidel, produced this brilliant commercial to show that there are no digital alternatives to some types of paper.

What’s interesting about this commercial is the way Leo Burnett-Paris, the ad agency that created the spot, leveraged print and digital media to make sure the world got the message that paper has a future.

According to Ad Forum, the agency sent journalists a cardboard box with a roll of toilet paper and a QR code to invite them to view the ad.  The expectation was that the reporters would cover the ad in their reporting . . . and they did.  A week before the ad had even been broadcast on television, it had generated 25 million views on YouTube.

So a paper maker makes a video about paper and uses a paper invitation to enlist digital media to share a digital message about the future of paper.  Brilliant!