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Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

The Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds™ campaign from the manufacturers and importers of paper and paper-based packaging highlights the important role paper and packaging play in our lives, helping us accomplish our goals at home, at school and in the workplace.





Back-to-School Report

This year’s Paper and Productive Learning: The Second Annual Back-to-School Report, commissioned by the Paper and Packaging Board, surveyed 4,300 students, parents and teachers in the United States and shows that not only does paper still have a role in the classroom, but its use and importance is growing.




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State of the Campaign Video

When the Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds ™ campaign launched in July, 2015 it was the beginning of an 18 month launch. The integrated marketing communications are designed to elevate and celebrate how paper and packaging help our primary target audience we call the Expressives, achieve their goals. So how are we doing? Watch below!